Welcome to PigTail Games

November 1st, 2010. Here we are, we have just landed. Pigtail Games is a dream that has become true and it’s a pleasure to share this moment with you. We are excited about this venture, our aim is to learn day by day.

But this is not only about us. You are a full member of this team. We count on you to improve the games. We want you to enjoy with our games, but, if we fail, please tell us! Your feedback would be appreciated.

You may contact us on Facebook and Twitter and share your comments.

Have a look into our Games section. Right now we present you ZombieSlide, our first game. We are working hard in a new project. New info is coming soon.

Hope you like it!


Bobblers - Our second game

for iOS is ready!

June 17th, 2011. After some months dealing with zombies, we found these little things. They are pink and look like an egg. We started calling them Bobblers. A nice and friendly bunch of creatures who love travelling the universe. Just one problem... They get lost easily.

We have been taking care of them until they have become strong enough to go back their planet. We count on you to help the Bobblers. Get them home in one piece!"

Bobblers is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

ZombieSlide 1.2.1 now

available on App Store

October 20th, 2011. ZombieSlide 1.2.1 is out! Just in time for Halloween.

Is there anything funnier than killing zombies? Do you want to survive? ZombieSlide is definitely the game you’re looking for.

Open the App Store and become the greatest zombie killer with ZombieSlide. You are our only hope. Humanity trusts you.